Sims 4 Decades Challenge – Starting Out

I’m going to be slightly playing by my own rules in a way here but this is my try on the decades challenge. If you’ve never seen any of the rules here’s the original post and here is some updated rules.

With my way of doing this challenge I’m having each year cycle with the seasons to be a year starting with the year 1890. This adds a slight more realistic and challenging side to the game as baby’s can’t age up for 4 sim weeks. I randomly gave my starting sims a birthday and age but any future sims born to the family will get their birthday as they are born.

I started out with 3 sims.

Wallace Ulph is an 19 soon to be 20 year old entertainer. He recently married his wife Aubrey at the end of 1889 just after she turned 18. He has the family oriented trait, the outgoing trait and self assured trait. He has the successful lineage aspiration with the domestic trait.

My next sim is Wallace’s wife Aubrey. She is currently only 18 and will turn 19 in winter. She spends her time gardening, cooking and cleaning while her new husband works. She is the youngest of 5 children with only having one brother. Her aspiration is to be a super parent. She has the good, neat and family oriented traits.

The final sim I have is Aubrey’s mother Vera Ibberson. Vera moved in with her youngest daughter to help prepare her for her duty in being a wife. With all her kids being so close together Vera didn’t have the time to fully teach her daughter. Her other 3 girls all helped each other but they didn’t really like Aubrey so much so she was always left out. With Aubrey’s dad dying so recently Vera decided to spend her final years with her youngest. Her late husband and Aubrey were very close and Vera knew the death effected Aubrey the most out of the 5 children.